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Thursday, December 25, 2014



This Christmas... I want to share with you a story.  

I found a movie on TV.   If you can track down a DVD and watch it, it is a real good one.  Especially for those who are missing the real Jesus story in today's onslaught of meaningless materialism.  The opening picture caption links to the trailer of the movie. 

The info describes the movie as... 

"A stranger helps a teenage girl learn the meaning of Christmas."  

There is a girl called Max who lives with her single Mom.  The girl's birthday is on December 25th and due to such a date, the girl is bummed out with Christmas.  She ends up making friends with a long haired handyman  (named Jess) that is just "passing through" the town and has volunteered to build the local church's outdoor nativity.  

Max has a school assignment... an essay  "What is Christmas?"  As she spends her afternoons hanging out at the church with Jess, she learns about Christmas from the son of a carpenter.  (Yes, Jess introduced himself to the pastor as boy that grew up working in his dad's carpenter shop) 

While Max is having a history lesson from the travelling carpenter, Max's mom is faced with organizing the annual festivities at work... what starts out as a winter gala becomes a Christmas party when Mom stands up for the real identity of the holiday at her the board meeting. 

Is Jess more than just a travelling handyman that dropped into town.  Seems so.  

The pivoting point of the movie is when two men come to meet with the pastor and remind him that there is a city ordinance prohibiting the display of religious material in a commercially zoned area.. which the church borders on.    So the nativity scene is dismantled, but not for long... the members of the community gather together and rebuild it.  

Well because the nativity scene is re-erected, a city meeting is called to inform the town that the church is in violation of the ordinance and they must pay a five thousand dollar fine. 

Jess shows up at the courthouse and what he shares next ... well, listen to it yourself.  Just click on the  link below. 


"God never wanted to force his Son on anyone."

"When God  came to earth, he came to the least, the last, the lowest and the lost."

"While they were seeking God, they found the He'd been looking for them their whole lives."

I won't spoil the rest of the movie, just in case you want to watch it.  

The movie is the dose of encouragement that I needed this season.  If you have read some of my posts, you might get a picture that I have been somewhat discouraged when it comes to this time of year.  This year was no different.  The same cloud of discouragement came over me.  I am saddened that so much of what we call Christmas has been taken over not only by secular commercialism and materialism... I am grieved more by how religious tradition has taken Jesus and his story and covered it up.  Not only the story of a baby in a manger, the real Jesus story.  Who he was and who he still is and who we can be with him in us.  

Listen to the story

Thank you, Jesus, for coming... 

Thank you, God for taking on humanity
 as the ultimate act of Love.  

Jesus, You are the Perfect Gift.



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