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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Someone else's Father

(poem written April 2, 2014 by Ruby Neumann)

(Bruno O. )

You're someone else's father
Someone else's dad
Someone else is crying today
Cause they lost the love they had

I lost my own father already
So I understand some
Of the pain they may be feeling
Of the loss that makes them numb

My pain left years ago
But the sadness still remains
At the loss of the man I've known all my life
Whose memory still stains

I look at your picture and who you are
Is not my dad or my pain
But at your loss and dying
I am reminded all over again

I loved you but right now
All you are is a reminder of him
And I look in her eyes and can see again
What a daughter feels within

How do I tell your baby girl
That her tears are there to stay
That every grave she sees from now on
Will only bring her back to today

You're someone else's father
Someone else's dad
I would cry for you and your loss that I feel
But because of him, I can't

My parents... January 2008
(and the last picture I have of my dad) 

This is where I get real.. I wrote this poem yesterday, I wanted to write it a month ago... on March 3rd, the day of Bruno's funeral.  I had the title, but I was stuck on the content until this week. 

It wasn't just Bruno I was thinking about, it was Norman, it was Myron, it was Conrad.  Four other men, whose funerals I have attended since my own dad died (Jan 28, 08) . 
 All of them... were someone else's father.   

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