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Thursday, April 17, 2014


 The Day of Unleavened Bread came, the day the Passover lamb was butchered. Jesus sent Peter and John off, saying, "Go prepare the Passover for us so we can eat it together."
 They said, "Where do you want us to do this?"
 He said, "Keep your eyes open as you enter the city. A man carrying a water jug will meet you. Follow him home. Then speak with the owner of the house: The Teacher wants to know, ’Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?’  He will show you a spacious second-story room, swept and ready. Prepare the meal there."
 They left, found everything just as he told them, and prepared the Passover meal.

When it was time, he sat down, all the apostles with him, and said, "You’ve no idea how much I have looked forward to eating this Passover meal with you before I enter my time of suffering. It’s the last one I’ll eat until we all eat it together in the kingdom of God."

 Taking the cup, he blessed it, then said, "Take this and pass it among you.  As for me, I’ll not drink wine again until the kingdom of God arrives."
 Taking bread, he blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body, given for you. Eat it in my memory."
He did the same with the cup after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant written in my blood, blood poured out for you.
LUKE 22:7-20

It all started with this picture.  Jesus and his disciples celebrating Passover the night he was arrested.  It was intimate -- Jesus and the twelve men that he spent the last three years with.  

Passover was an annual event in the life of a Jew in Israel.  It was the time when they remembered how God delivered their ancestors from slavery in Egypt. Jesus had eaten at many Passover feasts during the thirty years of his earthly life.  He had eaten the unleavened bread and gazed upon the Elijah cup that no one was supposed to drink.  Every year he would look at that cup.  What went through his mind?

This time would be different.  It was the last Passover meal for Jesus.  This time he didn't just look at the cup.  This time he picked it up.  Was he looking at the Elijah cup that he had looked at for thirty some years... or was he looking at the cup that he wanted to pass up in the Garden later that evening?

Jesus looked around the table at the men that were with him.  The pictures that must have gone through his head in that moment.  The memories of their time together over the last three years had flooded into his thoughts.  Jesus knew what was coming.  He knew this was the last meal he would share with his disciples before he was taken away from them.  

He remembered the bread and fish that the boy brought to Peter and Andrew.  He remembered the look on their faces when the five loaves and two fish were blessed and given to the masses.

His memory took him back to a wedding in Cana.  He remembered the look on the faces of his new found followers when the host tasted what they thought was water and commented on the perfection of the wine.

Jesus looked again at the cup and at the bread in front of him.  They would remember this.  This would remind them of him.  Even through the darkness of what was to come... they would remember. He wanted them to remember.

"This is my body..."

For three years I have walked with you, eaten with you, fished with you, laughed with you... for three years I have been beside you.  Soon I will be IN you.  I want give you a picture of what that will be like.  Me with you... always.  In everything you do, In everything you say... I will be there. 

"This is my blood..."

Blood... the life force of the body.  You will soon see mine drained from my very body.  But that which was my life force will become your life force.  

"Eat this and remember me..."

(and Jesus whispers to us now...

But don't just remember me as history... remember that I am IN you... Not just with you, not just a part of you... I am wholly, with all of who I AM... IN you.   Not just bread and not just wine.. but the Almighty God has become One with you as He desired from the beginning of time and creation.  

 I’m praying not only for them But also for those who will believe in Me because of them and their witness about Me.  The goal is for all of them to become one heart and mind- Just as you, Father, are in Me and I in You, So they might be one heart and mind with Us. Then the world might believe that You, in fact, sent Me.  The same glory You gave Me, I gave them, So they’ll be as unified and together as We are -  I in them and You in Me. Then they’ll be mature in this oneness, And give the godless world evidence That You’ve sent me and loved them in the same way You’ve loved Me.
John 17:20-23 (The Message)

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