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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remembering Jesus 1: A Poet's Perspective


There, I said it. 
 That's my disclaimer. 
 But I'm a poet... 
I've gotten away with creative licence many times before.

 So this is "Remembering Jesus" My first post of three.  

In preparing this series of blog posts on "Remembering Jesus", this post is the most difficult to write and to publish.  It seems odd that, in my years of blogging, I would have a hard time expressing my thoughts on a subject.  But this time it's true.

It is the weekend before Good Friday/Easter. I am scheduled to publish this on Sunday.  My other two posts are pretty much ready to publish. They are:

  To be honest... I still fear offending people.  Thus the initial disclaimer. Communion is very sacred for a lot of people.  There are so many different beliefs and practices and every one in every expression of faith has a different one.  I oughta know...

  There is so much denominational baggage in my life. By denominational baggage, I mean there are years of different traditions and doctrines that have collected themselves in my memory and mind.  Lutheran, Mennonite, Baptist, Pentecostal, House Church, No church... I can hardly keep them all straight anymore.  I didn't just dabble in all these denominations from time to time... there were years invested in each one.  YEARS of learning new ways to read and interpret scripture; YEARS  of unlearning old doctrine and embracing new beliefs; and yes.. YEARS of doing communion.

Sometimes I envy people who have grown up in one tradition and have stuck with it.  There is much less confusion.  They believe what they have been raised with and have way more convictions than doubts.  Maybe, if one tradition was all I knew...

I asked people to share some unique and special experiences with Communion.  Those stories I'll be sharing in the next post:"Remembering Jesus: A Collage of Comments"

I have a story.  

It was around the year 2000.  I was a part of the drama troupe in Calgary.  We went on a weekend camping trip of which most of the details are really foggy (that was fourteen years ago).  But what I do remember was Sunday and it was right before we were going to leave.  Blaine (our drama director) had the idea that a good conclusion for the weekend would be to have a time of communion.   We scouted around for some communion elements and all we came up with was some orange juice and sun-dried tomato bagels.  If anything was going to fly in the face of communion tradition, drinking OJ and eating a tomato bagel would definitely raised a few eyebrows.

We all gathered together and what Blaine shared with us next is what stuck in my memory.  He told us that what we ate or what we drank wasn't as important as who we were remembering:  Jesus and what Jesus had done for us.  It's not about the elements.. it's about Him!

So then we shared OJ and a bagel and remembered Jesus and His sacrifice and His redemption.

I will never forget that.  And it's that memory and that message that gives me my conclusion and conviction.

Jesus took wine and unleavened bread because that's what He had before him.  They were part of the Passover meal.  He shared these with His disciples and gave them something to remember Him by.

And I ask.. Does the rest really matter?  Not to me.  If I can take what I have in front of me and remember Jesus and what He did for me, wouldn't that be as intimate?

I found an animated Youtube illustration that will end off this post.  Sometimes things can be a whole lot simpler than we've made them.

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