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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blog thought: "If no one read the words I write... would I still write?"

I guess that question would lead into the whole discussion about my purpose for writing.  


Let's start with a list.  I like lists. 


1. Because I can. 
2. Because I have something to say.
3. Writing helps me to sort my thoughts. 
4. I have a vivid imagination
5. Writing is, for the most part, uninterrupted. 
6. It's relaxing.
7. It's fun.
8. It exercises my courage. 
9. I want to be understood. 
10 Sometimes I have something to share that encourages others. 
11. I feel good when I read or hear that someone else appreciates something I have written. 
12. I communicate better with writing, than I do orally. 

There you have it.  Twelve reasons for writing and only the last three need an audience.  

Let's get more specific.  


1. It's a cheaper method of publishing.
2. No editors. (That sometimes is a good thing) 
3. Again, It exercises my courage.
4. Because I have something to say.
5. I have freedom of speech. (Canadian perk) 
6. I write about issues that I don't feel free to talk about.
7. It is a quicker way of communicating my thoughts and ideas. 
8. I want to talk about the "elephants in the room"; the "hot button issues"
9. Again,  I want to be understood. 
10. Because I have the freedom to, I blog.

So to answer my question posed in the Blog title... Yes, I would continue to write even if there wasn't an audience.  As much as I like the appreciation, it is not the focus of my writing.  

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