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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Father you can trust

Hey Girls! Can you imagine this? 
 You never have to trust your own judgement ever again.
(when it comes to men, that is) 

Here's the thing.  We all have dreams, don't we, girls?   Some of us dream about a prince... especially all the Cinderellas at heart.  That prince... some have found, some haven't, and some have lost. 

 When those that have found their prince talk to those who haven't, sometimes the conversations go like this. 

"You'll find him.  You just need to be patient."

"Trust God."

"I'll pray for you, that you find a husband." 

"Maybe God has other plans for you." 

The last one is the most depressing for most single girls.  No one that I have met wants the "gift of celibacy"... even if it is a gift that God hands out.  Who wants to see their solitary life as a blessing from the Almighty?  Not many.  

This blog post isn't going to be me telling my single friends how to catch a husband.    It's just me and my story.  It is all about a Father you can trust.  


I was in my late twenties and a couple bad relationship judgements into my life journey... when I approached my dad with a request.  I told him as long as I was single, I wanted to use him as a sounding board for my relationship choices.  The deal was if I was getting interested in a guy, then I would relay the news to Dad and see what he thought.  Sounds somewhat 18th century, I know... but there was something else I did, that I didn't exactly tell my dad about.  I prayed.  

I wasn't good at hearing God when it came to my relationships, so I asked Him to talk to me through my dad.  It seemed like an odd prayer, but God honoured my request anyway.  There were a couple specific conversations that I had with Dad that I was convinced didn't come from his brain, but sounded more like the Wisdom of God... just as I had asked.  I was saved from serious heartache both times.  

I figured out after a couple of disasters that my judgement was lousy when it came to potential mates.  I conceded defeat.  One simple prayer later and it changed a whole lot of things.  I started to see that God had my back (for lack of a more simpler phrase).  My Father was looking out for me.  My Father was the one I could trust.  His all-knowingness worked better than my limited sightline.  

It was 6-7 years ago and I was questioning my relationship with a man who had become my best friend. Ken (not his real name) and I had a very close friendship and both of us were wondering if it was possible to keep it that way.  I was starting to wonder if God was leading us together.  I was confused and couldn't hear straight.  I didn't take this one to my dad this time, but I still went to my Father.  My prayer this time went something like this... 

"I don't know what plans you have for Ken and I, but I know my emotions are mixed up in this.  So if you can tell him, I know he will hear from You and his emotions won't get mixed up.  If marriage is something you want for us, then tell him.  I will trust You and I will trust him."

Well...  Ken was torn.  He was very open about his desire to marry again if God chose that path for him, but he was looking at a closed door.  God hadn't given him the go ahead to get married.

The more time we spent together, the more frustrated we both became.  He kept telling me that he wasn't free to marry.  God wasn't opening that door.  I was floored.  God was talking to him and he was getting it loud and clear.  But that didn't mean I liked what I was hearing. 

Letting go of Ken wasn't simple... so I have to admit, that even though I prayed for God to speak through him, it wasn't easy to hear what He had to say.  That all-knowingness I was talking about... My Father knew who my mate would be.  He knew the prayer I would soon ask of him and He knew exactly who would be the answer to that prayer... and it wasn't Ken.  


So that is the story I wanted to share.  I know not everyone has a dad that they feel that they can trust with their heart.  And I am sure not all men appear to have a strong ear when God is speaking to them...  but this I know.  There is a Father I know I can trust and I have trusted with the most fragile parts of my heart and soul.  This Father loves me and knows the best journey for me.  

One of my favourite quotes from "The Sound of Music" is from the Mother Abbess. She tells Maria right before she sings "Climb Every Mountain"  

"You have a great capacity to love.  What you must find out is how God wants you to spend your love."

My Father, My Creator is the one who planted Love inside me.  His Love.  He planted Himself inside of me. I asked him to give me an opportunity to love.  I trusted Him again with a heartfelt prayer and my Father answered that prayer... five years ago.  

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