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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why is Jesus not enough?

Tolerate me?

Judge me?

Are those  your only choices?

Do you not know how to love me?

So I am  different than you.

I believe different things.

Will you love me less because of my differences?

Will you tell me God loves me less because I’m different than you?

Your religion doesn’t condone the things I practice.

So you condemn me to hell …

Because of what your religion teaches.

Where’s the grace?

Where’s the mercy?

Where’s the love?

Jesus loves me!

This I know!

Maybe your bible doesn’t tell you so.

Jesus died for me  too!

Why do I have to follow your rules and  doctrine…

To be loved?

To be free?

To be whole?

To be saved?

Jesus said

“Believe in Me and you will never die.”

“Who the Son sets free is free indeed”

“I have  come that  you might have life”

“For God so loved the whole world”



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