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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Aspirations, not Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I figure instead of resolutions I would make a list of aspirations.  Not so much goals that need to be accomplished, but a list that will inspire me and challenge me, not necessarily depress me because I can't achieve it. 

1. Learn some more German

This wouldn't be a new aspiration, just one that has been ignited again.  Hearing and speaking the German language brings me closer to the memories of my family...  My Opa, my Oma and my Dad.  

My hubby is fluent in German.  Both his parents were immigrants from Germany.  So I have a partner that I can converse with. 

I have another aspiration... to one day travel to Germany.  I have a friend that is waiting for me to come and visit.  Having a little German on tap for that trip would be very helpful.  

2. Keep writing

There is so much stuff stored in the recesses of my mind that I want to move to megabytes.  Stories, pictures , future blog posts...

3. Enjoy more fireworks with my husband, 

The fireworks display on New Years Eve in our home town was the best show we have ever seen. Our town has never ceased to amaze me with the fireworks shows they put on.  We are only a town of 2000 people, but can we light up the sky.  

I didn't take my camera last night and was I glad I didn't.  There really isn't a way one can capture the beauty of fireworks on megapixels and do it justice.  It was enough for me to roll down the window and take in the colours and sounds from our secluded spot on the outskirts of town.
 It's not just man made fireworks that I enjoy, it's God's fireworks.  I tried a few months back trying to get some camera action on a lightning show... all I got was a wet camera.  God's fireworks are best enjoyed with the naked eye as well.  

4. Gain a little more wisdom with my finances. 

Like all things in life, financial wisdom is a journey.  Every day I make decisions on that journey.  Some are good, some not so good.   I am learning with age that there is a lot of stuff I don't need.  What I like so much about being married is that I have a partner that helps me with those decisions.  I often phone my hubby when I am at a store and staring at something I am tempted to get.  He often reminds me that it is something that we don't need.  So I get the opportunity to walk away in freedom.  Sometimes I just need that reminder. 

Being married has introduced more discussion on financial matters.  We talk about what to buy and what not to buy.  I didn't have that when I was single.  I just bought and often regretted it later. 

5. More girlfriend time. 

I have a big confession to make.  I have been missing my girlfriends.  I have to admit that I have not been making much of an effort to connect with my female friends and I have been holding back on making new friends.  

I didn't have this problem so much when I was single.  Girlfriends were one of my life lines.  I was much more sociable when I was single.  I am not blaming my hubby for taking me away from my social life.  I am admitting that being married has changed me in a lot of ways.  I am understanding that now my favourite place to be is home with my husband.  

I use to tell my married friends when I was single that girlfriend time was a necessity.  Now I am reminding myself the same thing. 

There you have it... my five 2014 aspirations.  

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