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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Athiesm?

Two posts ago, I said I would follow up on why I think some people don't believe in God.  I concluded in my post that it wasn't the existence of God that atheists doubted as much as the involvement of God.

Anything I say in this post is strictly my opinion.  I haven't researched this with any atheists so I can't really speak for them.   I am just stating what I figure might explain some of the atheistic mindset.

I am going to put the next seven statements into the first person... just to make it personal.  But for the record... these are not my quotes.

1. Maybe I don't believe God is there...
 because I don't believe he cares about me.  

2. Maybe I don't believe God is there... 
because I don't believe I need him in my life. 

3. Maybe I don't believe in God...
 because of all the evil in the world.

4.  Maybe I don't believe in God...
 because of the existence of pain and disease.

5. Maybe I don't believe in God...
because of religion.

6. Maybe I don't believe in God... 
because justice is more deserved than grace.

7. Maybe I don't believe in God... 
because to me... His love is unreal and unreachable.

Well.. there are a few thoughts that might explain some of the convictions out there.  I am sure there are more. 

So without too much psychology... I am going to just say that in the light of the obvious reality that God does exist (as per my post on  Why do I need to believe...  I have proof)... In my understanding...  athiesm must be a result of some severe brokenness.  

Pretty bold of me to make such a statement... but it's my blog and my freedom to do so.  

I am curious.  Where are the people who are okay to own up to their issues?  

Be real about it... Admit it...

"God exists, I just can't figure Him out.  I don't understand why the world is in chaos, I don't understand why there is pain.  I don't understand ... period! "  

So does it come down to a need to understand everything?  Well... for me that ship sailed long ago.

I was at a company kid's Christmas party today.  We had a magician come and do some tricks.  I came to the conclusion today that I am glad I can't figure out how the tricks work.  It wouldn't be the same if I knew how it all worked.    

I don't understand everything... so for me I am glad I have a relationship with Someone who does.  And that is good enough for me.

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