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Thursday, December 12, 2013

My thoughts on FAITH

... after my last post, I figure it would be a good thing to follow up on the whole subject of FAITH.  I guess it may have sounded like I boldly claimed that I don't need FAITH... I have proof.   Well... I kind of said that, but only in reference to the "existence" of God.  But that is only the beginning.

FAITH allows me to keep driving even when I  can't see the road that I am driving on. 
  Sometimes, I can't even see five feet in front of me... but I still drive.  

Sometimes the road is clear, but the sky paints a different picture.   

Then I find FAITH to keep driving... even if there is an impending storm ahead.  

There isn't much in my world that operates without FAITH.  It is as vital to my existence as the air that I breathe.  It is core in how I relate to my Shepherd and to the other sheep.  
FAITH isn't about religion for me anymore.  FAITH is evident in every facet of my life now.  I enjoy the fruit  of  PEACE and LOVE... because I have FAITH.  
FAITH isn't blind.  FAITH gives me JESUS' vision.  FAITH is when I choose to let go of my natural instinct to fear and let the JESUS LIFE in me radiate.   

It is either no secret.. or maybe my biggest secret.  How I do it is JESUS... living in me, through me, with me.  JESUS... GOD VERY GOD... chooses to radiate HIS AWESOMENESS through little ol' me.  
With JESUS... FAITH isn't such a stretch.  It just becomes reality.  I am not adhering to a bunch of rules, I am responding to opportunities because JESUS is responding to them.  It is kind of simple if you look at it like that.  There is no performance chart, no record keeping.  
It is just day to day living...  FAITH.  

So the road gets foggy once in a while...

and the rain distorts my view.

I can still keep driving.  

Because I have FAITH. 

"As you have the light, believe in the light. Then the light will be within you, and shining through your lives. You’ll be children of light."   John 12:36 (Message) 

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