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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Dear Jesus:

It is almost Christmas, Jesus... and this year I am writing you instead of Santa.  

It has been a rough year.  After years of believing in Santa and all the stories about the North Pole and Reindeer... I have figured out that none of that is real.  I guess every kid goes through it sometime.  Most of my classmates aren't writing Santa this year either.  I guess they've also lost their faith in the big  guy in the red suit.  

I wrote Santa every year, dropped the letter in the mailbox... and someone always wrote back, so I just believed it was him.  Until my friend Jimmy told me that his mom got a new job at the post office.  He didn't know what she all did until one night she took her work home with her.  That is when Jimmy found the letter that he wrote to Santa.  It was on her desk with other letters from other kids.  And beside the letters were a stack of envelopes with addresses on them... one of those envelopes had Jimmy's address on it.  

When Jimmy asked his Mom what the envelopes were for, she told him what her new job was.  I guess she figured Jimmy was old enough to know what every kid soon finds out on his own.  It was her job to write letters back to all the kids from Santa.  

I didn't believe his story at first, until he gave me the letter that I had dropped in the mailbox just a week earlier.  I was stunned.  Canada Post promised me that they would deliver my letter to the Great One himself.  I had been lied to. 

I haven't told my parents yet.  They are still covering for Santa and still telling me to be good so I will get a nice present on Christmas Day. 

From as early as I can remember, I have always believed in Santa Claus.  My parents told me that I never saw him because he lived in the North Pole and only came to our house on Christmas Eve when I was sleeping.  But every Christmas I would awake and find the present under the tree from Santa.  It was usually what I had asked for.  Now looking back I don't have to wonder why Mom wanted to proof read my letters to Santa.  She told me she wanted to make sure my spelling was correct.  All along it was her way of finding out what I wanted for Christmas.  

Tomorrow she is going shopping in the city.  So that is why I am in my room writing a letter.  She thinks I am writing to Santa.  So maybe after I am done my letter to you, Jesus, I will write one to Santa.  It just won't be the same.  Maybe this year I will ask for an iPad.  

Thank you for hearing me out.  I still believe in you, Jesus.  No one has told me yet that you aren't real. Maybe one day, I will find out different.  I hope you aren't just a story that my Mom and Dad told me.  Right now those stories are all I have to go on. Now that I think of it,  they were the ones who told me Santa was real.   I don't know what to think now.  I am not going to mail this letter.  It might end up in the hands of Jimmy's Mom and I don't know if I want her writing me back.  

One more thing, Jesus.  If you are real... do you think you can tell me yourself.  If all I have is what my parents are telling me, I don't know how long I can hang in there.  

After all...  they lied about Santa.


P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Sorry,  I almost forgot. 

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