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Monday, July 1, 2013

I have issues

July 1, 13

On this the first day of July...  the beginning of a new blog... I am declaring...


I had a visit this weekend with a lady that I got to know in boarding school.  Val was my dean in Grade 11 at LCBI.  She and her husband Randy pastor a Lutheran Church in a small town in Central Alberta.  Over the last 27 years, we have connected for visits off and on.  

I enjoy my time with Val.  She has a youthful energy mixed with wisdom from the years that make her so beautiful and refreshing to be with. We are two girlfriends that live a distance apart, but when we get together it doesn't take us long to catch up.  

I have to admit that I was a little anxious this time.  I was wondering how my current "church going status"  would affect the visit. 


Pastors and pastor's wives can be somewhat protective of the life they have chosen.  I figure that if someone chooses to be a pastor or chooses to be married to a pastor;  they need to believe that "going to church" is necessary to maintain a healthy walk with Jesus.  It would affect job security if they walked the fence on that one.  That is just my opinion.  

My fears were squashed right up until it was time to go. Val and I had a wonderful time together, and then I had to go.  So I went to the garage to say goodbye to Randy.  It was then that he brought up that my mother had let them know about my "CHURCH GOING STATUS". 

"You have issues with the institution." ... it was a comment something like that. 

I admitted that I had issues and that seemed to be the peak of the conversation.  


That seems to be the easiest way to describe my journey without an in depth conversation. 

I won't use up this post to go into depth either.  I just wanted to start off the blog with the declaration.  

I hope that I can go into more depth as I continue to write.  But for now...  


... seems to work. 

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  1. Post by Lori Klassen July 1, 2013. Moved from another post.

    "I've missed your blog posts, so I'm glad you're back and I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

    I broke up with big church a few years ago and I feel like I've gotten over my issues. I suppose I've forgiven. Yes. I have forgiven 'big church' and those operating the machine of 'big church'. I now am part of a church group that's small. And messy. And weird. Just recently I was telling someone how about 95% of our church community (someone did the math) showed up to do the MS walk and run. She was surprised that a church group would show up to support fund raising for a non church cause. Then I told her we all went to the pub afterward for burgers and beer. She was shocked. I didn't even think about it at the time, because it's so normal for our church group. I guess it's not that normal. It suits me just fine. and no issues. :)"